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About Us

Founded in 2013, Candy Mas brings the fun, the colour, and the festivities of the "Holi" or "Phagwa" festival from Trinidad to the UK. The use of colourful paints or POWDER, known in the UK as "Dutty Mas", is a fun yet controversial way to play mas.


Phagwa with its origins in ancient Hindu culture has been celebrated for 100's of years and has now become an integral part of the way we play mas in the UK.


Carnival is a celebration of the colours, energy, and vibrancy of our culture. So we express that by filling the air and covering each other with bright colours.


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Ms Downer, London

I love how there is always something for everyone! Some of the costumes I wouldn't be brave enough to wear yet, even though I know it would be made in whatever size I wanted. There are lots of styles that are more inclusive than other bands i have seen... @kerriecurvemodel

Mr Slaney, London

Candy Mas are diverse and inclusive band, the vibe is always positive and about having fun. The music is on point and the staff are are great! You hav not experienced carnival until you get on the road and Candy are great to be with...!


Ms Brown, Milton Keynes

I always play with Candy Mas as your team always has everyone's interests at heart, that's what makes Candy Mas different to other bands!


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